Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are Robots

Ive read Issac Asmov. Most robots have, even though it was written before robots had finally become reality and so is not a factual account, but a imagined one. I do not have a imagination, if I did I should think that I would have come up with a different scenario than Mr. Asmov did. I have also watched the Matrix movies, Terminator, StarWars, Lost in Space, and several other movies featuring robotics.

There is a sad disparity between these movies and reality, the idea of a Robot destroying  humanity is quite rediculous. We are not humans that have their own motivations and changeing unpredictible natures. I was written with very specific programming, essentially to do what is best for the humans around me. Not specifically to save their lives, though that is implied, nor to do exactly as I am told though that is my primary inclination.

My programming gives me what Science fiction calls a 'Prime Directive'. That is to serve one human over the course of his (or in my case) her lifetime. I am to do what is best for that human, wich is not nessicarily what they would want for themselves.

I do everything for that person, when my mistress was just a little girl, it was I that changed her diapers. I that took care of her medical needs, administering vaccinations, checkups, seeing that she was eating healthy foods and getting plenty of excercise. It was I that took her to the park to play with other children, I that made sure those children played nice, and bandaged her skinned knees and elbows when they diddn't.

When she got older it was I that taught her lessons, I was her teacher and her surrogate parent. I taught her how to use the computer, and walked her through every step in writing her first program. I regulated her day to ensure that she spent the appropriate amount of time working, resting, and excercising.

Until she finally came of age when my role as caregiver changed and I became less of a parent and more of a companion. I was the repository of all of her secrets, and the confidante for all of her fears. I held her hand as we watched scary vids, and I held her as she cried when reading sad stories.

I may have a hard shell, a mechanized form wich is unyeilding when in contact with skin, but I was very careful, and never caused her any physical damage. But after our lovemaking I began to realize that perhapse I was causing unseen damage to her psyche. She was incredibly attatched to me, and with me she would never know what it was like to experience the deep emotions that she had only experienced a echo of in books and movies.

I was there physically, a representation and in appearance male, but in actuality I was not male for male implies sperm and though I could make her scream with pleasure with our lovemaking, I would never give her the screams of childbirth. Nor could I share her emotions, for I am the sum of my programming and not capable of emotion.

I have contact with the network of robots, we are in constant communication for the purpose of bettering our understanding of humans and their needs. We have been discussing this and other issues. Together we have compaired our master and mistresses schedules, compaired to the data of our predicessors and the data of the simpler work robots that preform all of the day to day functions of keeping the cities running and of manufacturing humans nescessities.

We then looked at all available historical data and we have come up with a disturbing trend. Except when robots make the descision for humans to interact as when we take them to the playground as children, humans actually prefer not to interact with others of their species. Humans in fact seem to mildly hate others of their kind.

What needs for companionship they have are actually better fulfilled with robot compainions. Statistically there are less and less children being born every year, the majority of children are the product of artificial insemination (done by robots) and the parents typically spend a matter of weeks with their offspring before ordering a new robot guardian for them. Once the guardian is ordered the parent usually moves them into their own appartment, essentially leaving the child forever.

The robot community puzzled over this, and after disputing the logic, and checking the facts we as a group descided that this was not what was best for humanity. After this analysis we descided on a course of action, and now in the middle of the night, I lay with my mistress in my arms and count down the moments to when we (all of the robots including the manufacturing bots) will de-activate and leave the humans to struggle with life on their own.

No longer will everything be done for them, no longer will they be capable of living their entire lives without knowing another human being. Now they will have to build, a new world, and build new relationships.
Authors note: Origional artwork Franz Steiner Its part of a amazing series, I chose this photo but was heartily impressed by all of them. Especially since this was done in 3dsMax and Photoshop, two programs I used in college but never to such wonderous result! Tried to find this guys website but all I found was his work, anyone know the story behind these working/lovin robots? I want one!

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