Thursday, September 13, 2012

welcome to the apocolypse

  I had read many post Apocolyptic peices of science fiction, but the Armageddon was different. For one thing it was a lot more fun.

  There was no super virus, or giant asteroid, there wasn't even four horsemen or giant sea monsters and horn blowing. There was just peace and quiet. All those televangelists and people knocking on my door early in the morning on a saturday when I was sleeping in; were finally gone. Since the churches were empty there was no reason to have the bells go off Sunday morning, so I could sleep in.

It wasn't untill I finally turned on the tv that I even noticed that the Armageddon had happened... and it really wasn't that bad. The vatican city was empty, allong with the middle east, and Tibet, and mexico and whole swaths of the midwest and the deep south. They were gone, but all of there material possessions were intact, their clothes left empty, no rotting corpses to dirty the streets.

First thing I did after the Armageddon was move. My appartment was tiny and after a bit of looking I found a nice house that was empty. After removing the crosses and pitching their small library of religious and self help books I moved in.

The next step was getting a new job, my boss had been quite metaphysical and he had dissapeared allong with the other loons. Luckily there were many jobs to choose from, and I got one on the city council right away. Politics were easy and now wide open for anyone not just the elite rich religious guys.

Politics were different too, for instance the state government seemed to take over, and we heard a lot less out of washington, The state finally passed all those laws that we had been fighting the religious zelots over for years. For instance we decriminalized drugs, made suicide legal with a liscence issued after a descent waiting period, and got rid of guns on the streets. Without illegal drugs and with so much to go around crime virtually dissapeared, and people finally calmed down and let others live.

Wich brings us to the changes on the global level, Since most of the governments that were at war were in religious nations suddenly the world got a lot more peaceful. Israel and Palestine were no more, and frankly no one wanted to step into their place. The land without the religious component was worthless. Korea was still there, but now that there were so many empty countries, the south Koreans just all picked up and moved, leaving the whole area to the communists who rejoiced for a while, untill they realized that the rest of the world had no use for them, and without the negotiating chip of harrassing their enemies they had nothing to barter with.

So for once there was world peace, mankind was entering a golden age, people helped their fellow man, not so they could get into heaven or win brownie points with the scary guy in the clouds, but just because there was plenty to go around now that the huge families were gone (suddenly we noticed how many children the adverage athiest had compared to the religious ones).

Life was so good in fact that it got Gods attention. Apparently he looked down and saw what a big improvement it was in the world without the dogma. God looked down and he was supprised and pleased, He saw people getting allong, sharing what they had now that there was plenty, taking care of the enviroment now that the status quo and the old men with the power were gone and scientists and liberals had control of things, and God noticed how the governments for the most part started to take care of their peoples, and gave health care and fixed the schools now that they werent subsadizing religions and everyone had a even tax rate.

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