Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Neon's Jail blog

Day2-Prison Isnt too bad.
Sure I'm totally the youngest girl in here. But this isnt like some juvinile detention center. This is a nice facility in upstate New York for like women who sold coke to stock brokers and Female CPA's who maybe skimmed just a 'Little' cream off the top if ya know what I mean.
Anyway dear reader, Yours truely was sent to this Gulag to serve 5 years on a bogus charge just because she didn't fit into Societies norm.

I appreciate all yr Emails. Yes they do let me have computer acess... 4 hours a day, 2 in the am and 2 after din-din. The comps are in the library so I dont get the privacy im used to havin, but hey there isnt a webcam or a scanner even so I couldent send ya all picks of my arse anyway.

And to answer your oh so polite question no they didn't shave my pate - or barcode my rump when I came in. They save that shit for the fuckem up-de-ass heavy duity prisons.
  Well I GTG, thanks for your well wishes, don't bother raising funds to get me out, its just 5 yrs spend your dough on solar panels instead; and get your asses off the grid! By the time I get out of this cement box I want to hear that we have solar jetsons cars! 5 years isnt a long time so put your money to work telling the man the only way you can!

Day 5

HAHA you big babies! So I skip writing you a day r2 and you all fall to bits imaginin me gang raped by prison guards! too cute!

Naw Ive just been hangin out with a gal in the kitchens. Ya I know right! Me N dishes dont quite mix. NEwayz this girls pretty cool. And before ya all say it no she and I arent rubbing carpets! Actually I think im the freak on the farm so everyone is steering clear wich is a pitty cuz them cells get mighty cold @ nite and some these prison bitches is HAWT! lol just kiddin there mostly all over 30. So as I was saying b4 I was so rudely interupted... I was hanging out with this gal Rocket. Yes her name is Rocket, because she has red hair, and no she hasnt seen Kill Bill! So anyway Rocket was tellin me that most of the gals here turn to religion, but some of them turn to other things. Like Wikka and trancendential meditation (SP?!) etc. So She is teachin me some of that eastern crap. And dont get me wrong, I like it, but if I wanted to find Nirvanna I like know some shrooms that will get me there a whole lot faster! The express train!

To my LEET friends I know all transmissions are read so I wont say anything coded or they might think im up to sommat. Keep it real and fight the power!

Day whatever

Sheesh this place gets to you. Yeah its not bad for a while, but no vids no games, they got a garden plot and some paintin classes and shit but nothing for us techno junkies. Speaking of junkies I think I could drink my own piss its so damn clean. What I wouldent give 4 a trip. I asked for some tylonol the other day and the guard told me no. Friggin tylonol isnt allowed.

I wish they had locked my ass up in the loony bin at least there they get good drugs.

Next time I bothered to write
Thanks for the emails. Im talking to the art teacher about getting some hardware junk to work on they have shit load of computers broken in here apparently people bust them when their sweet hearts write em dear jane notes in the Ebin. Anyway she said it would be good therapy for me. I think it would be great just to get my hands on a soldering Iron. At least then I can put my Gigantoid brain to some use.
Still meditatin with Rocket. I get the feelin she is watching me I dunno why sometimes she gives me the creeps.
Couple of weeks after the last one
Ok. So now I really have something weird and wild to report. I have a cell mate, (well Ive had 2 but I got a new one now and she is BOINKERS!) and she seems for some strange reason to not like me. I dont imagine its my fault, she is just some neat natzi who hates my tights drying on the cell bars, and finding my candy wrappers under the bed. So Im a pig! DUHH everyone who has ever lived with me knows that. But this twisted bitch thinks its personal. So she yells at me. I ignore. She throws crap at me, I ignore. She threatens, I ignore.. then she shoves me and my poor old head hits the block wall and their are such pretty stars my dears! Its like im in a feild of stars. The electricity is zappin from one to the next. Wait maybe their neurons? anyway Im walking through the feild and theres a tower ahead, its lime green, and as I get closer I see its all made up of black blocks with tiny ones and zero's on it just like the Matrix there moving in columns. Its techhie heaven boys and girlies. So I find the entrance and inside is a white office with a modern desk and fluro lights above. On the desk my dears is a computer, and the prompt is askin me for my User Name. So I types it. And it says "User accepted. New Nick: Neon" and I think about it and that nick suits me to a T. Then I wakes and theres the new neighbor standing over me waving my pair of stripey tights over her head like its a whip she's gonna beat me with. So I close my eyes and I can like feel the electricity in the room! My heart is pulsing with it, my hair is crackling with it! I open my eyes and I become like a conduit and ZAPPO! the bitch is flying across the room and the lights are flickering feirce before they go out.
The guard thinks the wet stocking must have touched the wall socket and shocked the shit outta my dear old roomie.. but I know better! She's in the hospital wing and I have the whole room to myself again!
Rocket says Ive had a epiphiny. She says I understand the true nature and power of electricity. I dunno but she says I wrote my name in a "mage tower" and when we get some time she is going to start teaching me to control my new gotten skillz.
Authors note: This is a exercise to flesh out a LARP character of mine for Mage the Awakening. The prison years is set in the 5 years she was incarcerated for cyber terrorism.

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