Saturday, January 09, 2010

Remote Reality- Captive Audience

Kitchi was trapped in the back of the limo and the driver was starting to seem more and more sketchy as time went on.
       Luckily her RemCam was functioning perfectly.
 She watched it hover around the back of the limo filming each angle, and knew; this was the best drama she had ever had on the show.
     Sure she quite possibly was in real danger, but she couldn't have scripted it better if she had a team of writers.
 The limo was spacious enough for the little RemCam to maneuver and get every ounce of fear and petulant anger that she allowed her features to betray for the camera. It was dim mood lighting which would read as dark and disturbing to the audience. The fact that the driver had so far made no move at communication only added to the mystique and made his motives unfathomable.

  Kitchi knew that she could start reading off street names to the RemCam, or call the police and give specific directions to the limo, but that would make it all be over too soon, and the neighborhood really wasn't well marked.
It was a industrial type neighborhood that she didn't recognise, and they had been driving in such a complicated pattern of turns, that she thought was likely going in circles; but the buildings looked so much alike that she couldn't be sure.

  Her BlackBerry ring-tone went off and she immediately answered it, It was Boop who had been waiting for her at the mall.
   Boop and Kitteh were both in a panic, apparently the news was broadcasting footage from her RemCam. The situation was being called the Kitchi Kidnapping Krisis, and apparently they already had panels of experts in kidnapping situations lined up discussing what was to be done, what the status of the situation was and all of the news channels had vowed to run continuous coverage until Kitchi was found.

   Kitchi immediately took out her Palm Pilot and searched the Internet, there was over 10,000 hits on Google news with the search 'Kitchi Kidnapping'. This was going to push her ratings through the roof!
She might even get a network slot out of this.
Now all she had to do was to make it out of it alive, and looking like a battered heroine. She turned to the RemCam and taking her fireside chat stance (knees together, hands clasped gently to the side body slanted slightly away from camera, head tilted to camera, expression soft and slightly frightened).

"I want to thank the network news stations for taking this threat to my life so seriously.
 I know that there are other, more newsworthy topics which are being shoved to the side so my situation can be discussed.
I ask only that everyone who is watching please:
                                                            remain calm.
I assure you so far I have not been harmed in any way; other than being frightened and held captive. My kidnapper has so far made no attempt to communicate with me, and seems to be driving in circles. Maybe he doesn't even know where he is going.
I'm fairly certain that the police will apprehend him shortly, if anyone sees the limo passing them on the street I ask that you call the police, please no one try to be a hero!
 I don't know if he is armed and I don't want anyone to risk angering him. He might just let me go, and I don't want anyone to get hurt on my account!"

   Kitchi smiled, she was pleased with how calm her tone seemed and knew that she would come across as a brave hero to many. All she had to do was sit here in the comfortable limo and wait while her popularity snowballed.
   The limo came to a sudden stop near a warehouse, and the driver must have hit a remote because the loading door opened and he drove inside. It was dark, and Kitchi couldn't make out how big the warehouse was.

The driver got out and when he closed the door all of the limo interior lights went out and Kitchi was completely blind. Luckily her RemCam had night vision and she could see a very feint green glow coming from it when it engaged automatically.

She heard some banging like metal doors being clanged open and then the door to the limo opened and she surged forward trying to escape. Rough hands grabbed her arms and she was spun, lifted, tossed into the back of a shipping container. She heard the buzz whirr of her RemCam following before the door slammed shut behind her.

    She was still in the dark and disoriented, her captor still hadn't said a word. She started to explore the metal floor and walls just as she heard a engine starting and the floor slanted back and she slid back to the wall she thought was opposite the door. She felt nautious as she felt the container being moved, she did not know which direction she was going or how far but finally with a thump she felt the container stop moving and the engine faded slightly as the lift was driven back.

 She had spent the whole time focusing on her posture and facial expressions. She tried hard to keep the panic on her face at the cute level, and not allowing it to turn too pathetic. The last thing she needed was a 'Blair Witch Project' moment with snot running down her face and screaming hysterically.
                     A small portion of her audience would like to see this; it would humanize her, but the majority of her viewers thought of her as a living doll, she had to act out the appropriate responses while seeming kind of distant.
   Another engine started, this one was rumbly loud, it was probably a big rig truck. She was on the back of a flatbed she realized, or inside of a cargo truck.
  She got up, her feet spread wide to try to keep herself from falling when the truck started to roll out. Making her way around the walls she found the door and pushed and explored the doors edges with her fingers.
 The door was locked tight from the outside with no handle or latch inside for her to try to open. She explored the square circumference of the room, her fingers sliding over the cold often jagged pocked metal.

Unfortunately she was wearing a very cute but very revealing futuristic Anime girl outfit today, her thigh high boots covered her knees but her upper thighs were exposed, along with her shoulders, and her back. Every time her skin brushed the bare metal she felt bruised, scraped, and raw.

She tried to find a comfortable position in a corner: with her legs folded underneath her, she sat on her ankles.

   The RemCam zoomed in for a closeup, she could hear its motor and see the soft glow which didn't really illuminate but was the only thing she could see in the darkness.
   She turned her head away for it for a moment, lifting her hand to her face she covertly touched both of her eyes with her dry fingers for a moment.
It was enough, and when she turned back to the camera she had a single tear running down each cheek.

   "If I ever did wrong to anyone, I want to take a moment to apologise. I never meant to hurt you, any of you. I want to thank my assistant Alexi, and my interior decorator Johan for all of his hard work. My stylist Trig and his domestic life partner who does my nails.. hey Toni" She emoted a soft whimsical smile "sorry I wont make my appointment Tuesday. Boop and Kitteh and Cami and Rori and all of my BFF's you know I love you guys!" She tilted her head away again, pretending to wipe the tears and recompose herself but in reality Kitchi poked her eyes harder.

   "Mom, I'm sorry I wasn't a better daughter, I tried mom and I'll always love you!" She tilted her head up looking slightly above the RemCam, her eyes pouring she did her angelic expression her eyes opened wide as she could make them Kitchi Smiled serenely as though thinking about her mother (though her mother was what Kitchi considered a trailer park whore- who used excessive amounts of PCP and Meth. Kitchi hadn't spoken with her in years).

She looked strait into the lens "I don't know what the future holds,
                                                                   I hope that Ill still be broadcasting,
but if the feed gets cut and I loose connection I just want you all to know that I love you all and I hope that I meant half as much to you guys as you have all meant to me."

She smiled softly and then curled her body up as though to get privacy for weeping although she was careful to pose herself sideways so her audience could best see her curves and made sure that her hair was cascading down so that the line of her neck would be very visible. She held that pose for the count of 60 seconds (the length of time her publicist had once said was the longest attention span of one of her fans) and then visibly dried her eyes and began to search the compartment again. That's when she realized that she had left her purse in the limo, and in it her Blackberry, and her Palm Pilot. Now she was cut off from news of the outside, and though they could all watch her, she didn't know at all how her performance was being received.

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