Friday, January 08, 2010

Idea of the day non profit story chain

I had a Idea for a non profit writing project wich I would do with the help of a bunch of random famous people. Im hoping for a snowball effect here with me contacting someone minorly famous getting them to agree to writing a short story and then in turn for them to get someone whom they admire/look up to in the creative field to agree to do one. It would be like a creative chain letter with the final output being something that would be published with all the profits going to charities. I was thinking of making a charity list and deviding the profits among them so that well known charities would help draw people in and some lesser known but important ones would reap the rewards.

All of the stories would have a very basic theme such as freedom. Since they all have to be in the same world we could set some basic world perameters, but I would encourage people to write different types of stories, like different genre, but each person would write with their own voice and style. It would be great to get people who arent really fiction writers to do it too, like George Lucas and Weird Al, Whoopi Goldberg and Maddonna. People who are creative and imaginative but not nessicarily authors.

I would have some rules written up before sending out the invitations to write. Here would be my rules and I will come back and edit this from time to time to update them.

1.Everyone who pledges to write must sign a agreement that their work is to be donated freely and no one gets paid all profits go to the charities, List of charities for them to sign off on etc. Expenses are paid only, hopefully publishers dont charge etc its a non profit item. All copywrites are held for future spin offs etc if we should choose to do a film adaptation for same charities etc.

2. The co-ordinator will choose the first person in the chain, they send them 2 copies of the agreement and information. The first person signs off if they agree, then contacts people that THEY ADMIRE FOR CREATIVITY (not nessicarily friends, or authors, etc. just someone they admire) and when one of them agrees to do it they send agreement to them. They tell us who they are sending agreement to, we get a contact with them and send them more info and another agreement to solicit another author.

3. There is a time limit to keep things flowing in a reasonable manner. From the point when the author gets the manuscript (from me) they can read and write their own story for 2 months. Then it must be sent back to the co-ordinator (me) for review, minor editing, and copying and we send it to the person that the last author set up to write the next story. I will have a month (hopefully I can get it out faster than that) to co-ordinate between authors and I will get assistance of a copy and line editor and be setting up a agent and publishing house etc in my free time.

4. when I get the finished storys back from all of the authors I will work on the finished editing process and publishing process and marketing distribution etc.

Heres the rough list for charities to recieve donations from project:
Free the slaves
Project prevention
Amnesty International
Laptop per Child

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