Thursday, January 07, 2010

Remote Reality-Good Television

   Kitchi checked her face paint on the reflective panel beside the lens of her RemCam. She had only had the thing for a few weeks, but already she couldn't imagine turning it off.  After all- her fans needed to know what was going on. If she wasn't available for view 24/7 they might forget about her and start watching someone else.

She put on a bit more lip gloss, fixed that little piece of hair in the front that kept sliding slightly askew, and winked her eyes coquettishly (her stylist said that her eyes were her best feature and that the fans had been blogging about how much they liked to see her wink into the Cam like she was acknowledging them on a personal level), then she turned and stepped out the door strait into the paparazzi flashbulb assault.

                 No time today, she walked right through them.
Her RemCam gained altitude once it was through the doorway so that it could get a overhead shot of all of the commotion.

  "Kitchi! Kitchi! Over here!" screamed one pimpled fanboi over his shoulder who clutched his archaic video camera over his head- to try to get a vid of her with himself in the foreground. She paused a split second and did her anime girl pose: dainty left hand wiggle wave, shoulders up head cocked at slight angle with chin down, eyes slightly squinted as though giggling, right hand to lips which are pursed in a air kiss.

   This pose suited her current hair style: two pony buns on either side of her head, bangs, and a long multicolored hair weave plaited down the back. She was taking a lot of style tips from Anime lately though she never actually watched any.
     She didn't really watch anything anymore, she just didn't have the time.
 What with all the interviews and dates and parties to go to. Plus she had to keep the RemCam stream interesting: who would pay to watch her sitting still for hours watching a movie? Or worse... reading a book?? Her fans were interested in seeing her out and about with her fabulous friends and watching her scandalous (though mostly PG13) affairs.

   Her RemCam was very specifically programmed to show lots of skin- but no genitalia to offend the audience. That was half the fun anyway: viewers would watch her every move hoping to get a glimpse of a nipple or a pubic hair on accident.
   The web was crawling with screenshots of supposed 'naughty bits'; though she had a team of lawyers working around the clock to suppress the badly made forgeries or even the occasional unflattering real shots (which were made with distance lenses, miniature up the skirt hidden camera's or through glass floors etc.)

   There was also a lot of fan art. Often these were hand drawn, images that were sexy and fit into her image, and she allowed them to remain on the net: even though publicly she complained that it was wrong to take her image without permission. Having amature shots of her out there: was like free publicity and it only made her more popular with the masses even though she wasn't making a profit on the images themselves.

   Kitchi got into her limo. The driver held the door while her RemCam buzzed in after her- then closed the door with a gentle click. Kitchi opened her Palm Pilot and started to look through her long list of personal messages.

   She was careful to keep the screen faced away from the RemCam for security purposes. She began her morning ritual of ruthlessly deleting email. If she couldn't remember who the person was: she deleted it. If she didn't like them anymore: she deleted it. If she just didn't want to deal with it right away: she put it in the ignore box which was almost the same as deleting it (only she could always search through her ignore box later... though she never did).
     She didn't actually read any of the messages, she just deleted and ignored the ones she didn't want, reading wasn't really her style. She typed in a quick note to her assistant to read the rest, she knew her assistant could reply to them without anyone knowing the difference and if there were any invitations her assistant would make note of when and where to be if she wanted to go.

   She had a calendar in her BlackBerry that her assistant kept updated. Whenever she didn't have anything to do, she would look at it and pick which of the many listings for that time and day that she wanted to go to. Today however: she was supposed to meet her friends Boop and Kitteh at the Mall. After sorting her messages: (which was exhausting and took 15 minutes), she closed her Palm Pilot and put it away.

It wouldn't do to spend too much time doing any one thing. People had short attention spans, and she wouldn't want her viewers to get bored and change the channel. She checked her makeup, and then went to look out the window, but was disappointed in that this wasn't her usual limo.

Her regular limo had a control panel beside the back seat for the windows. She didn't like to ride with the windows set to Reflective; this way no one on the street could see who was inside. It was bad PR to go anywhere when you couldn't be seen. She shouldn't ever have a anonymous moment.

   Kitchi looked for the intercom button, or even, the control for the partition between her and the driver. But she couldn't find any controls. Now she was beginning to get irritated. This limo must be the old fashioned kind that didn't have any controls. It didn't even have a video screen for her to watch TV. There was only a mini-fridge, and it was stocked with plastic bottles of water- not even sparkling water! She took one out and threw it at the partition.

   She knew that there was a angry pout on her face, and that it wasn't a very becoming expression on her- but this was ridiculous. She had never had such lousy service from this limo company before and she had been using them for years. She wondered why they didn't send her regular driver? He had been cute... for a driver anyway. This driver was totally new: at least she hadn't seen him before, (and after the complaint call she was going to have her assistant make) she hopped she would never see him again.

   In fact she hopped he would be fired! Or even maybe she should stop using this company. There were plenty of Limo companies and she was sure that one of them would be ecstatic to have her as a new client. Maybe they would give her the service for free if she casually mentioned their names from time to time out loud for her RemCam to stream. She could even slam the old company to some of her friends for the RemCam.
That would show them not to give her inferior service!
   The damn limo driver still hadn't lowered the partition or even acknowledged her throwing the water bottle at it. She could see the back of his head and Kitchi moved to the front seat and banged on the glass wall between them. "Damn it your not even headed the right way! I'm going to the Mall! Lower this partition so you can hear me!" She suddenly felt nauseous, he was not responding, he might not understand her but she was certain that he could hear her screaming and banging.
                                                                He was ignoring her.

  They weren't going that fast, they were in some industrial type area she was unfamiliar with and Kitchi thought maybe she should jump out of the car when they stopped at a stop sign, but she couldn't get the door open and there was no knob for the lock.
                The door would have to be opened from the outside.
 She looked around but didn't see anyone on the street, and even if she had they wouldn't be able to see her.

   She held down the control for lowering a window but it didn't work, and the moon roof's hatch appeared to be sealed with very strong glue... Kitchi even laid down on her back against the seat cushon and kicked her booted heel against the glass. She was completely trapped.

   She had to get a message out. she opened her BlackBerry and looked through her friends list for someone who could help, finally she decided to just send to all a message telling them what was happening. While she typed she sent a impassioned plea to her RemCam, it was still broadcasting to all of her adoring fans. She licked her lips subtlely hoping that her face paint wasn't smudged by her little on air tantrum (she knew her fans would love the drama of her momentary loss of control), she looked directly into her RemCam's lens.

She made her eyes soft and though she allowed some of her fear through: she kept her voice gentle and calm.

  "If your watching this out there, I am being kidnapped. I beg you to alert the authorities. Call the police, call my agent, someone please call my Internet provider! Surely they can trace the RemCam feed and pinpoint where I am. The limo was black, its a older model, gaah I don't know cars!" She tilted her head from side to side and shrugged in the signature comical way she knew her fans liked.

  She glanced out the window and back to the RemCam which had not left her face, she could see that the Iris was zoomed into a closeup. "Were driving through some industrial area: I don't even see road signs."

  Kichi hit send on her message. She then called her assistant Alexi and started to explain to her what was happening. Her assistant was hysterical and crying, she already knew.

  She of course had the live stream playing in the background. Kichi thought Alexi was being a bit of a drama queen, (She knew that Alexi was trying to get enough of a audience to start a spin off show) Kichi played it off like she was touched by Alexi's concern, but that she needed her to pull it together: to rally the fans and get their support. Glancing at the camera she said in her most moving voice:

"I hope my fans will stick by me in this time of crisis.
                          I just know they will be there for me when I need them.
No matter what suffering I'm going through, I just want my fans to know that I don't regret them.
                                           Even if this guy kidnapping me turns out to be you know a crazed stalker...
Like a maniac who has this totally unhealthy obsession with me..
                               I will keep the show going , no matter how personal and frightening this may get.
 As long as I can: I promise to keep streaming exactly what I'm going through- as it happens.
                                        I wont keep you all in the dark, I just hope that my captor doesn't shut me down!"

  She made a deliberate gulping motion, swiveled her head, brought her left hand out of screen up under the RemCam and turned it so that it panned over to capture the back of the drivers head, his eyes which were looking into the rear view mirror staring into her own.

                                                                            This was good television!

The image is actually a remote device created by NASA for space exploration. The AERCam is volleyball sized satelite and can be researched here
the girls picture is from dont know where picture originated. (I edited two images to put them together if anyone takes offense of their use let me know and ill take it down) Story idea inspired by Tia Teqilla and other reality TV babes. Maybe Ill do a second part someday with her captor torturing her and it all being streamed live.

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